About Monika


In her 20 years as an efficient and motivated administrative professional in a variety of businesses including hotel/restaurant, healthcare and police services, Ms. Monika Miller could not help but notice the high level of stress present and how it can cripple children and their families.

As many people, Monika has experienced first hand what stress can take from your life. A history of anxiety and heart disease in her family of origin, losing her father when he was only 49 years old and personally being diagnosed with Lupus, Monika was inspired to look for solutions to cope with anxiety and life’s dis-ease, so she and her family now have better tools to live life with health, love and abundance.

Early on Monika had a great calling to help people and especially kids, as a result, she volunteered with youth since 1997. Her life experience and perseverance grew her strengths. She is a well organized, respectful, loyal, thorough, compassionate, energetic person and an excellent communicator. She is a skilled intermediary in developing relationships, adaptable, a critical thinker and quickly assesses a situation when required, superb coordinating and technical abilities and a strong team builder and collaborator with high quality in mind.  She loves to bring community together and reaps great joy in the process.

Monika continually researches effective life coping tools on how to de-stress for herself and in turn for her family.  Through these discoveries she realized her passion and life’s purpose, to bring these tools to children and their families so they too can benefit.  Many years ago she found yoga and that changed her life and vision of who she was/is.  It helped calm her negative self chatter and connected her with her body and was more in touch with how it was speaking to her.  At first, with slow and subtle body whispers, she could hear her body relax and eventually learned to listen to it more and more and learnt an new positive dialogue so when negativity arises, she has the tools to help keep it at bay.  This dramatically helped her to be able to connect and fell comfortable in her own skin.  Mindfulness can do this for you too!  How great and amazing would it be for kids to learn this ability and choice early on!

Monika believes it all starts with the family, that’s the foundation.  It starts there and becomes a trickle affect to their kids and to the community.  Monika wanted to be able to provide a de-stress option to families and found the powerful modality of reflexology and so became a Reflexologist through Reflexology Association of Canada.  She is amazed at the healing aspects of this modality and how it can help assist the body to release toxins and promote the natural healing and feeling of ease.

Her 18+ years of personal yoga practice together with her Radiant Children’s Yoga Level 1, 2 & 3 and Teaching Yoga to Kids with ADHD, Autism and Differently Abled Children training and ongoing training along with a great interest in Holistic Health, Kinder Living was born.

There are two pronunciations – Kind-er Living and Kinder Living. Both are correct as we can all be more kind to ourselves and each other and when we are lucky, it can all start when we are children.