Holistic Kids’ Summer Camp! at Carp Ridge Learning Centre

Holistic Kids’ Summer Camp!

I am excited to be teaming up with the Carp Ridge Learning Centre this summer for their Holistic Kids’ Summer Camp! Here are the full details: 

This July we are offering one of our favourite programs, a holistic camp for children aged 6-12. Here they will learn about nature and healthy living and experience themselves in new ways, body, mind and soul.

We will range over 190 acres of woods and wetlands on the Carp Ridge in search of wild food, herbs, beautiful rocks and rare species of plants and animals. A campfire will be made to cook our findings along with local and organic ingredients that we prepare together. Afterwards there is quiet time for napping, reading, making nature crafts out of nature and playing music. Once refreshed, we play cooperative games and get wet to cool off the summer heat. By 4pm, we will have had our healthy and delicious afternoon snack and be working on the final presentation for the parents. We end as we begin each day, with a calming meditation.

Last year, by the end of the week, we were bonded with the spectacular nature here and each other and no one wanted to go home. We shared our crafts and edible products with the parents and promised ourselves to meet again. Months later we heard that kids were still identifying local plants, remembering what they are good for and how to make them into a safe, effective remedy.

This year we plan to have four groups of five children , each with one counsellor and a volunteer to stay together most of the day, meeting with the larger group (maximum 20) for the beginning and ending meditation, lunch and games. We will match children by temperament, joining quiet ones, rowdy ones, intellectual ones in order to create comfort zones where they can thrive and then interact with the larger group from a place of confidence. Each group will have a home base: the yurt, a platform tent, the learning centre.

Much of the camp is child-centred. The campers will be given plenty of opportunity to make choices and show leadership. Counsellors are trained to be sensitive to each child’s needs.

Food Allergies:
All food is supplied from local and organic sources as much as possible without white sugar, chemicals, bad fats or factory meat. We will discuss healthy food naturally while we prepare and eat meals together. There will be familiar foods for the timid together with wider explorations from what we gather as well as items like seaweed, coconut oil and nutritional yeast. All allergies can be creatively accommodated and recipes, products and sources will be shared with each family at the end of the week.

Safety is a priority. Counsellors will be trained to deal with emergencies, first aid kits are in every home base and there will be a back-up person on call. If desired, parents can authorize the use of homeopathic and herbal remedies for smaller boo-boos such as scrapes or tummy aches.

$249 per week + HST

Before and after care :
This service is available at a reasonable price of $3.00/hour between 7am and 6pm.

Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre
2386 Thomas A. Dolan Parkway, Carp, ON K0A 1L0

Site Visits:
Site visits are encouraged for families considering the camp for the child(ren)—bring your questions! Please call us for an appointment at 613-839-1198

Registration Deadline is May 31, 2016. You may register for one to four weeks.

For more information and to register,

Contact Us:
Phone: 613-839-1198
Email: Lori@ecowellness.com