Monika is a Holistic Therapist.

Holistic referring to a whole or whole body; taking into consideration the whole body or person – considering the mind, body and spirit.

She believes life is like a beautiful nurturing tree with its diverse arrangement of branches that represents many of life’s aspects and what a masterpiece it makes! It symbolizes strength, wisdom and beauty. It provides nourishment and gives us pause.

We are not just our physical bodies. We are emotional, mental and spiritual beings. Much like a majestic oak tree, our strength comes from the base and roots of our tree. We start building our foundation of ourselves from birth. We believe all children are born wise, radiant and full of light and through life’s contrast of experiences we learn and grow. Our wish is for all generations to have access to tools that aid in remembering how terrific we truly are and as a result help form a greater and more positive sense of self as our foundation! Then having the comfort and trust that when challenges arise, our magnificent tree will sway with the winds.

Remember a time when on a warm summer’s day, you looked up at a dazzling, healthy, tree shimmering in the breeze and you thought wow, it looks like it’s glowing! Did you know that you experienced a glimpse of the gift of universal energy?!  We were all born with the ability to develop this wonderful healing to help us in our everyday lives. I sought to become a Rieki Master, so I could help people tap into their universal energy for inner alignment, reduction of pain and stress. You can glow too!

Monika’s journey for a balanced life has brought her here and she would like to share her gifts with you. “We all have a piece of life’s puzzle”

Namaste Meaning: The Divine wisdom in me recognizes and acknowledges the Divine wisdom in you.