Values & Beliefs


Kinder Living’s wellness building blocks:

  • Nurturing kindness
  • Promoting health and happiness
  • Living with integrity
  • Building a culture of dignity
  • Providing encouragement
  • Inspiring & fostering a sense of community

Welcome to Kinder Living, a company specializing in Radiant Children’s Yoga and Reflexology for the entire family. Ms. Monika Miller is the owner and operator of this sole proprietorship. A full time service based business offering these specialties in-home and in community-based locations serving parents, educators, daycare providers and the general public who are looking for de-stress solution tools that will fit into their daily lives and help find tools for ease and life balance. Their vision is a world where children and their families feel empowered with the knowledge of how truly wonderful they really are. Where kindness, integrity and strength comes from a deep understanding that self-love brings a ripple effect of abundance to our expanding existence.

Their mission is to provide an inclusive, safe environment that is fun, dynamic, engaging and promotes ease using a holistic approach to assist children and their families to find coping tools gained through children’s yoga and reflexology to help find life balance.