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Wisdom Within by Allison Morgan

How Does Yoga Affect Children? by Ashley Dodson, Gaiam Life

The Benefits of Yoga for Children by Kristin Henningsen, MS Adjunct Professor, Kaplan University Centre for Health, School of Health Sciences & Wellness, Yoga and Meditation.

Benefits of Mind-Body Activities for Kids by Shirley Archer, March 27, 2015

Reflexology for the Entire Family by Rachelle Croteau

Anatomy of Yoga, An Instructor’s Inside Guide to Improving Your Poses by Dr. Abigail Ellsworth.

The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook for Kids by Lawrence E. Shapiro, PhD., and Robin K. Sprague, LCPC

Reflexology Association of Canada

Ottawa Reflexologists (operating under Reflexology Association of Canada)

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Oprah & Deepak: Become What You Believe, Chopra Centre for Meditation

Dr. Wayne Dyer: Awaken to the Divine Intelligence Within

Dr. Wayne Dyer: Understanding the Power of the Words I AM

Creating Responsive Communities for the Prevention of Peer Victimization WITS and LEADS Programs

Relaxation / Meditation for Kids


The ancient practice of yoga may help children and young people cope with stress and thus contribute positively to mental health. In a recent book on yoga education in India, the author claims that “in a nutshell, yoga is a powerful medium for developing the personality of children and making them capable of facing the present-day challenges and problems” [(15), p. 3]. In her review article, “Effect of Yoga on Mental Health in Children,” one of the world’s most prominent yoga researchers, Shirley Telles, concludes that yoga improves children’s physical and mental well-being (16). Similarly, the Harvard professor Sat Bir Khalsa (17) finds that yoga in schools helps students improve resilience, mood, and self-regulation skills pertaining to emotions and stress. Thus, yoga is an important life skill tool for children and young people to cope with stress and self-regulation in a life-long perspective. Full Article

What Does Research Say about Reflexology?

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